Monday, May 2, 2011

Pock-mark to zymurgy

What incredible luck. During an impromptu trip to Goodwill a couple of days ago,
my wife and I not only found a beautiful six-inch cast iron frying pan we don’t need, but these four rugged volumes from the early 1930s:

[click to enlarge]

Volume One — A to pocket veto

Volume Two — pock-mark to zymurgy & supplements


erin said...

oh, william, you make me laugh.


William Michaelian said...

Yes? Good! Again I say,
click to enlarge.

Jan said...

William, you and your wife remind me so much of my husband and me. We love going to Goodwill and The salvation Army stores together. I head straight for the books before anything else. Then I look around for other "treasures" that I don't need, but want :)
These are beautful books! I'll bet your library has that wonderful, aromatic scent of old leather and paper. A scent that I never want to live without. These old pock-marked, wrinkled and torn books have more character than a brand-new, crisp and clean smelling book. Just my thoughts~~~

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

smile :-) this trip to goodwill must be wonderfull for you and your wife!!

William Michaelian said...

Jan, it’s true, this room I work in, which is where most of the books are, smells like a used bookshop. I love the thrift shops, picking up and examining things, imagining the stories and lives attached.

It was, Laura. A Sunday morning walk when the cherries are in bloom, a trip to buy fruits and vegetables in the country, a visit to Goodwill. These are some of the things we enjoy.

vazambam said...


Very special,
Very good


William Michaelian said...

May it be a sign of the times;
may they be as good as your word.

~im just only me~ said...

"Is there no Latin word for tea? Upon my soul, if I had known that I would have let the vulgar stuff alone!" - Belloc

William Michaelian said...

Hilaireious! and well-timed.