Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Steven Joyce: The Winds of Ilion

Here is another beautiful offering from EyeCorner Press, graciously sent by Bent Sørensen and part of an ongoing book exchange. Dr. Sørensen, as some of you know or perhaps may otherwise remember, is also the author of two delightful blogs linked in the sidebar, Ordinary Finds and Lumpy Pudding.

The Winds of Ilion

Introduction by Bent Sørensen
Cover design and layout by Camelia Elias

EyeCorner Press
ISBN: 978-87-92633-02-6

First Edition: March 2011

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When Novalis declared that “the world must be romanticized,” that it must be restored to its plenary “meaning, magic, and mystery,” he, like Friedrich Schlegel touts the fragment as the vehicle of this restorative art. The Winds of Ilion is an eclectic work that brings together poetry, academic essay, personal memoir, short-short story, and creative fragments in a manner redolent both of the early German romantics and of the Greek concept of moira. The many different creative threads composing this work weave a fabric of variegated meanings whose scope extends to the disparate events and marginal circumstances both of literary and everyday life.

“Steven Joyce’s book offers a fascinating combination of various literary forms. Readers will find it both enjoyable and instructive. The author maintains that we can recapture, through reading, the uplifting romantic spirit of an earlier age. I am happy to report that this volume does indeed rekindle that spirit. It did for me.”

Susanna Piontek
Member, PEN Club and of Die Kogge,
European Writers’ Association


Old 333 said...

It sounds interesting.

Allso, 'Bent' is a purely great first name to have.

Jan said...

I visited the websites and found them all interesting. Thank you, William. Your postings take me to wonderful sites that I otherwise wouldn't know about~~~

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Peter. Your vote will be kept permanently on file.

I’m glad, Jan. Thank you. They’re among my regular stops, and help stretch this semi-petrified brain of mine.