Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piano Man

One reason I’ve come to write poems, I think, is that it’s easier than dragging my old piano through the streets. Also, I sing better than I play.

Piano Man
c. 1959

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erin said...

you say all the best things.

once i wrote:

in a moment of great sadness:

i wish i played a musical instrument. it would be easier (and something *more) to play this out instead of crying. i imagine a sax in a field.

this is what you have me thinking, whether sadness, happiness, gratitude or loss.


Conrad DiDiodato said...

I wish I could play an instrument, too. Musicians have always seemed a little special to me.

Jan said...

William, your words, your photos, your are a true artist. It all comes from deep inside your soul. I am so fortunate to know you~~~

Denise Scaramai said...

Yes William,
a piano is not easy to carry and we tried other ways to express ourselves ... but the presence of music is essential in life ...

I really enjoyed watching you,
child piano !!....

jasmin said...

lieber William,
oh was für eine Freude... ein zartes Spiel mit kleinen Händen, ein nettes Gesicht, ein schönes Foto aus der Kindheit, ich denke die Musik liegt tief in der Seele…..
gute Wünsche Jasmin

Old 333 said...

Good photo, William, and good thoughts. Born a trouper.

vazambam said...

Great pic(k)! And though you would beg to differ, I can only say "Play it again, Sam!"

William Michaelian said...

Erin and Conrad, to both of you I say: You do play an instrument, and have the best and most powerful at your disposal. It’s called the voice.

Dear Jan. As my mother used to say, “Well, it looks like you’ve got her fooled.” The feeling of good fortune goes both ways.

Thank you, Denise! Yes, this is a rare glimpse from one of my earliest concerts. Best of all, it is the same piano. It was black until my mother refinished it and let its beautiful wood show through. And I agree with what you say about music.

Good wishes, Jasmin, and thank you. Childhood, yes, and one of the luckiest this world has known.

Peter, thanks. As always, the show must go on.

Vassilis, my friend: I can take it if you can.

Anthony Duce said...

Such a practical voice, with your written words.

William Michaelian said...

Hello, Anthony. Behind them lies the smile of unreason, I suspect.