Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brian Salchert: I wish that I might know

Back in April, I updated this entry to include information about Brian Salchert’s burial, which was graciously provided by Brian’s sister, Jean. Since Brian’s burial is today, I’m posting, with Jean’s kind permission, this link to the text of the service. Those of you who knew Brian, as a poet or as a friend, will immediately recognize him in these words of his:

I wish that I might know the fullness of who I am and that that fullness be a blessing for humanity.
Do not place a premium on social acceptance, and never let the lack of it depress you or warp your psyche with a smoldering anger. Be: ever civil, ever creative, ever courageous, ever constant, and ever humble. If you must be a king, seek not to be the king of thought but the king of effort. With deep motivation, then, dream, and test your dreams rigorously; yet never without a sense of humor pass the hours, for to paraphrase Dostoyevsky: it is our ability to laugh that makes us human.

May we come to see ourselves in them as well.

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