Monday, September 12, 2011


She tasted like peppermint.

[From Chapter 19, A Listening Thing]

Note: There is something I want you to know, and that something is this: I would die for this book. Foolish? Perhaps. But for me, not as foolish as leaving the truth unsaid, or pretending to be blind or deaf. And what good would its message be if I did not feel this way? What good are any words said with lips, but not with heart? This is a gift.
Be brave. Be wise. Be kind. Accept.

Through September 22, Cosmopsis Books is offering my novel, A Listening Thing,
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The first printing is limited to 150 numbered copies.

To order this tenth anniversary print edition
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Thank you.

And my thanks to Russ Loar for his beautiful poem, “The Finger Speaks.”


Anonymous said...

aaahhhh, now it is my turn my friend,
my train rides home for the next while
will be much looked forward to...

: )

William Michaelian said...

That thought is enough to keep me going all day, Brad. Thanks for putting it into this hard old head of mine.