Monday, September 5, 2011


I turned on the radio. I turned it off. I hummed “America the Beautiful.” I wrote a letter to my congressman, mailed it, and waited for his office to blow sky-high. When it didn’t, I sued the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Interior, and the secretary who answers the phone. I weaved in and out of traffic, honking my horn and making obscene gestures. I helped an old lady across the street. I saw a cave man on a horse, reading Huckleberry Finn. I attended a secret meeting of a dangerous underground organization. I ate the microfilm and had plastic surgery. I fled before the coming ice age. I wrote, performed in, and attended a play on Broadway. I took the elevator. I had a picnic with a group of Zen Buddhists who claimed to be chickens. I changed my name to Beethoven, lost my hearing, and composed a new symphony, all while waiting for a light. But none of it worked. I still wanted Mary, and missed her.

[From Chapter 13, A Listening Thing]

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Aleks said...

You teached me once how to make workable link in here but I forgot and now bye the way,the only thing I wish is go back to bed as fast as I can with the magical number 7 of your 150 things that listen :O) and dive in it!! Thank you again,you made this crazy woman happy!
here is my blog post link
im off now,bye,bye!!!

William Michaelian said...

It’s beautiful, Aleks! Thank you. And if you’re happy, then I am happy!