Thursday, September 15, 2011


I don’t understand it.

I don’t understand anything.

I never will.

Love isn’t what anyone thinks it is.

It isn’t what anyone wants it to be.

It isn’t anything at all.

It’s everything.

Nothing can exist outside it.

Nothing can survive without it.

And pity the fool who denies it.

[From Chapter 22, A Listening Thing]

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Anonymous said...

the more I read,

the more I wish we were neighbors...

thank goodness for the Noospherical-hood...

: )

William Michaelian said...


Minds in flight,
birds singing from rooftops.

Thank you, Brad.

Anonymous said...

sweet bitter pill of truth ;)

William Michaelian said...

The bitterness is washed away in context. This passage is from the shortest chapter in the book. Some readers have said the chapter is a poem. But it might also be a bridge to Glasgow.