Wednesday, September 7, 2011


For a minute or so, we concentrated on our soup. When it dawned on me that it would probably be my last meal for a good day or day and a half, I was unable to suppress a wry chuckle.

[From Chapter 15, A Listening Thing]

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Elisabeth said...

My copy arrived today, William. How's that? Less than a week and all the way to Melbourne, Australia and my doorstep.

I've started to read your wonderful words. I'm enjoying it very much.

I intend to quote from your preface, if I may , with due attribution to you as author, in a talk I'm about to give at LaTrobe university here on the topic: 'Auto/biography’: an excess of fiction or in excess of it?'

I was pondering this topic when I opened your book, after I'd ripped it from its plastic protection and first read these words from your preface:

'I am Stephen Monroe: a fictional character...and yet I'm also Stephen's creator, and the author of this harrowing introspective tale... For we can’t escape the fact that life is fiction, and fiction is life – a point upon which science and the practical mind are tragically confused. The practical mind says, "That which is imagined does not really exist" and science which wears matching socks even on weekends, trots out any number of laws to support this bland assumption. But laws are yesterday’s news, placeholders until something even more sensible comes along. Then we laugh at the old laws, just as if an alien race had made them, a race comprised of beings not nearly as smart as we – while, thanks to laws and our adherence to them, and worship of them, we have forgotten more of value than we will ever know, which is to say an arrogant, universal thimbleful.’

Wonderful. I'm so pleased to be reading your writing, especially at this moment when I ponder these imponderables.

And you may be pleased to know that your words will resonate - albeit read by me - in the common room on the fourth floor of the humanities 2 building at LaTrobe university in Bundoora, Melbourne.

Thank you.

William Michaelian said...

Elisabeth, thank you. I am pleased indeed, and amazed all over again at the way life so generously offers these chances to connect. Not only is it an honor that the book will play a part in the talk you’re about to give, I know it’s in wise, capable hands. The spirit of your blog posts makes that plain. I’m so glad the book found you when it did. Thanks again, and please let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

only William M. could conjure up a chuckle at such a prospect;)

William Michaelian said...

Rahina, I have it on good authority that this William, of whom you speak, finds humor in almost everything, even, and especially, when it’s close to home. Apparently some of that has rubbed off on Stephen Monroe....

Old 333 said...

Well, I'm going to miss the sale. Everyone else has theirs, too! Arr. Keep posting these teasy excerpts, too.

William Michaelian said...

I’ll keep teasing, Peter, but it won’t be the same knowing you can’t take advantage of the sale. I’m sorry to hear that. We both are.