Thursday, September 1, 2011


For the ten thousandth time, I realized that there was simply too much at stake to let things go any further. Like a man regaining consciousness after a fight, I wanted to climb back into the ring. Losing is one thing, but the world despises a quitter. Losing is a temporary condition. Quitting is final. Quitting is worse than final. The person who quits denies the possibility of redemption and self-respect. He denies life. Already conscious of my own steadily lowering self-expectations, and having been witness to a friend’s disappointment in life and in himself, a voice inside me said, “All right, pal, enough is enough. We’ve got work to do.” Despite not knowing what that work was, answering the call made more sense than wallowing in self-pity — which, besides being useless, is about as glamorous and original as picking one’s nose.

[From Chapter 10, A Listening Thing]

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Another Note: A Listening Thing does indeed ship internationally. That I know of, copies have either landed in or are winging their way to England, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Armenia, Italy, and Austria. One such is Copy #48, which arrived yesterday in Denmark. My thanks to Bent Sørensen for giving it such a fine welcome. And a warm thank you to everyone else who has ordered!

A Third Note: I’d also like to thank Facebook friend and fellow blogger Brent Allard for his kind words about the novel posted on Goodreads, from which I proudly quote:

“A wonderful book full of heart and common sense.... These are real relationships and real concerns. Even the minor characters sing to us as they do to Stephen. The truck drivers, panhandlers, gas station attendants, and print shop owners all trying to exist as best they can, while the specter of limited funds pushes them on.... A must read for anyone.”


Pouting Bear said...

Hope you don't mind, but I used my librarian status on goodreads to update your author page.
By the way, we have a book giveaway over on our blog if you're interested...

Hope all is well,
Curtis :)

William Michaelian said...

All is well, Curtis, and even better now, thanks to your effort and kindness. You’ve a fine entry of it, replete with links and blog feed. I appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I read your entry yesterday and have been puzzling over a suitable sentence ever since. I’m quite tempted by your cadaverous offering.

Thank you!

Pouting Bear said...

We look forward to your entry.

Stickup Artist said...

These excerpts are really resonating for me...

William Michaelian said...

Curtis, it’s so hard to decide, I’m tempted to paste in the entire text of Ulysses or Finnegans Wake.... It’s bound to be in there somewhere.

Stickup Artist, thank you. I’m glad. I do believe that Stephen speaks for countless of us who seek harmony between survival and art in our lives — who not only seek it, but understand its necessity and know deep down that it is possible.

Geckostone said...

Hopped over from Jan's blog, enjoying it here! Deb

William Michaelian said...

Wonderful, Deb. Jan’s a terrific, talented friend. I’m very pleased you dropped by.