Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Wish (complete)

For the fun of it yesterday morning, I posted several links to the following poem on Facebook. “A Christmas Wish” first appeared on my old website back in 2003, and was subsequently included in my book, Winter Poems (Cosmopsis Books, 2007). As fate would have it, it has been “borrowed” and republished online numerous times, in various formats, on scrolls, in frames, or in plain text. As is inevitable, some versions are complete, others aren’t. In this way, the Worldwide Web is like a giant refrigerator door or kitchen bulletin board, with messages overlapping and pinned down or held in place by advertising magnets. My opinion of the matter: the more fingerprints the better.

A Christmas Wish

What do I want for Christmas?
Nothing to buy, nothing to sell.
Family gatherings. Laughter. Music.
Multitudes of happy children, warm and fed.
An end to the current war, and to all wars.
Water in the well, food on the table.
Companionship for the lonely.
Solitude for those in search of calm.
Understanding for the prisoner.
Compassion for those who judge.
Strength for the belittled.
Comfort for the torn.

I want what everyone wants,
But believes can never happen.
Truth instead of lies.
Generosity instead of greed.
Knowledge instead of fear.
Modesty instead of arrogance.
An open heart, an open mind.
To follow Life where it leads,
With gratitude for hard times
And what they teach,
And, when good times come,
To pass them on for others to enjoy.

But if these things are too much to ask,
If I am silly or have somehow missed the point,
There is still one thing I would like to see.
A giant teddy bear for the wide-eyed world.


Jan said... you believe if more of us join you in this lovely and unselfish "Christmas Wish", that it could come true?

So beautiful~~~

William Michaelian said...

Thanks very much, Jan. The key, I think, is in the first two lines of the second verse. Wanting isn’t enough, and neither is believing. The poem must be lived. At least that’s what my teddy bear thinks, and so far he’s never been wrong.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

You have inspired me, William (once again). Following is a Christmas poem I wrote approximately twenty years ago. I thought you might like it.

Christmas Poem

Many Yuletides I have seen,
but many different Christmases have they been,
for Christmas changes through the years,
as all things change. As we.
Mountains and stars, perhaps, and change
are all that never change,
for people change, lives will change and Christmas, too.
It appears to us an unchanging thing. Like the Winter,
returns each year, returned before our lives began
and when we’re gone, come back again
for the yet unborn, but they as well
in time will learn that Christmas changes.
As do we.

Once Christmas was a mystery of wonderment and joy,
a festival of presents, of Santa Claus and toys,
a time when fondest wishes were fulfilled and
dreams came true; but Christmas, too, has changed,
as all things will. As you.
We grow older and the mysteries soon pass:
how reindeer fly and Santa fits the chimney.
We forget the blinking lights and ringing bells,
forget the secrets we could never see, the innocence so pure.

Then mysteries were soon replaced by magic,
for Christmas Eve is ever magic still;
sugarplums and gifts become the Christmas spirit,
migrated from the hearts of children
to the minds of those mature, became Peace on Earth,
goodwill, the singing of the angels, though never really sure,
for we could never hear it.
We seek then the meaning of Christmas,
and within it that of ourselves.

But now, I saw, that through the years
Christmas changed again,
and became a time for family,
for those now old and far beyond the mystery
and magic, became practical and pragmatic,
a time together to share our love and lives, now static;
became a decorated tree (for traditions’s sake),
for ancient carols that all can sing
and an afternoon of turkey.

And the years go by and change is constant still.
More change each year and all things pass. As we.
The years go by and stars and even mountains die
and Christmas changes too, has changed for me;
has turned from joy to merely sadness,
to memories remembered in place of those once grown,
changed from magical to mundane,
from miracles and mysteries to emptiness profound,
to pain, to Christmas Past, for Christmas changes.

But now new children hear the song
and fresh bells ring, and look, it’s snowing!
Again the mystery makes small eyes wide,
with gifts home-made or gifts we’ve bought,
but now it’s I who’s Santa Claus, bringing presents
and Ho-Ho-Ho-ing. It’s come full circle, to joy again,
to wonder and to mystery and perhaps, after all,
it’s just we that change and Christmas
that does not.

Copyright 2005 – Evolving-Poems 1965-2005, Gary B. Fitzgerald

William Michaelian said...

I do, Gary, and I thank you for taking the time way back when, and again here this evening. Plenty of room on the old refrigerator door. Very nice indeed.

erin said...

you don't ask for too much. it is just that you are too few. let you be all of us, all of us you, and together we'll ask. imagine!

all my best, william.


William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Erin, and my best to you. Imagine!

Geckostone said...

Hi William! Hey Jan's here too, hi Jan!This is like a Christmas get together. Wonderful poem William, I think maybe we ARE living it, "to imagine is everything" (Einstein?)!!!! Love Gary's poem too!Deb

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Deb!

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

Hi, Deb. I'm glad that you like my poem.

I see from your profile that you are a Gemini. I'm a Gemini, too.

Actually, I don't believe in all that Zodiac and Astrology stuff but then, I'm a Gemini and we tend to be skeptical.