Saturday, December 3, 2011

Old man, look at my life

I’ve mentioned, of course, the nice holiday discount available on all three of my Cosmopsis Books titles: A Listening Thing; Winter Poems; and Another Song I Know. To take advantage of the offer through the end of the year, simply apply this code during checkout: H7E99. When you do, 10% will be subtracted from your total purchase.

Meanwhile, another tempting offer has come to my attention. Lulu, which handles the printing and fulfillment of my Author’s Press Series, is offering a 25% discount on the print editions of all three volumes: The Painting of You; No Time to Cut My Hair; and One Hand Clapping. This offer, which is limited to $50 in savings, is good through December 14. During checkout, you will need to apply this code: BUYMYBOOK305.

The books do come highly recommended. For comments and links to reviews, visit the Cosmopsis Books and Author’s Press Series pages of my website.

Image: Detail from an untitled painting by Glen Ragsdale (1955-1974), front cover, The Painting of You


Transcend Designs said...

Looking forward to dusting off Winter Poems for another round...
: )

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Brad. ’tis the season. And remember: you can always burn them to keep warm.

Jonathan Chant said...

Thank goodness for your gloomy disposition, William. The humour in this comment has also kept me warm.

William Michaelian said...

Excellent. And with our Mona Lisa smile, let us quote the title poem verbatim:

Winter Poems

It helps to know
that I can burn them
to keep warm.

-K- said...

I would recommend "The Painting of You" to anyone who is dealing with a friend or relative with a long-term illness. Waves of compassion and patience come right off the page.

I suppose you could say that anyone would benefit from opening this book at any random poem.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Kevin. I hope that’s true, and I really appreciate your characterization of the book.

Two Tigers said...

William, it makes me smile to think of your books making their way into new homes this holiday season. The kind of gift that benefits both giver and receiver. Hopefully there will be warming of hearts and minds that does not require actually setting your books on fire - don't the words burn just fine by themselves?

I've been away from commenting too long! So many interesting conversations have been happening here in my absence - you provocateur, you! Happy Winter.

William Michaelian said...

“Happy Winter” — I fluff my beard at the sound. I send you greetings, Gabriella, in your new home. You are still every bit as kind, I see.