Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Old Language

And the old man wept, for there was no better language to explain his loss.

The Old Language
A New Revised Edition

Short Stories. Poems. A Memoir.
by William Michaelian

Translated by Samvel Mkrtchyan

[First published in Armenian as a paperback in 2005 in Yerevan, Armenia.]

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Ed Baker said...

neat that ISSUU "free publishing"

I put up there about 14 thins
as a place to store them jus in case
something happens to my computer ar the
main-frame where I sometimes put things
while awaiting a paper version of a thing to be published. here is my issue library:

now ? ghonna read your book....

(looks like I led off on issue with book 5 of Stone Girl (Leafe Press) ... en toto.

there is another thing on the net call scribd
which is also kinuve neat..

sure beats all of those look/feel-alike//look-alike non-stop
same paper/same cover-stock LULU .... "things"

just a little authenticity wld be appreciated, eh ? .

William Michaelian said...


A book in the hand
is worth two in the bush;

yet the mind hastens to embrace
the feint of words in cyberspace.


He’s a poet and don’t know it,
but his feet show it —

they’re long fellows.

Thanks, Ed.