Saturday, December 15, 2012

As in each and every day

Today, as in each and every day, thinking, loving people know that they must respond to life by making something beautiful. Give a gift, sing a song, open a door, feed a child. Bear responsibility. Accept the fact that you had, and still do have, a hand in that which brings grief to this world. Understand, too, that you have just as much power to bring light. As a fire dies when it runs out of fuel, outrage is quickly spent. Anger is smoke. Who can breathe and see clearly when they are angry? Set your ego aside. Don’t assume superiority. Don’t claim helplessness. Don’t expect criminals to legislate on your behalf. Be your own legislator. Each and every day, make something beautiful. Your time is short. Tell the truth. Admit that you’ve been blind. Rejoice. Walk down to the graves.


Conrad DiDiodato said...


I'm angry today. I want to fuel it with so much fire it consumes the world of demons among us who shoot children. Dante's icy pit is too good for these monster-humans. The lives of those children were short and beautiful: that's the truth. That's why I'm angry.

I will not rejoice til the entire race of demons among us are dead. I will not be happy til I spit on their graves. Rejoice! The devils who kill children are finally gone.

William Michaelian said...

You’re angry today, Conrad, and that’s understandable. But you won’t remain so. You can’t afford to, because you’re well aware of the negative effect it will have on you, and on those near and dear, and on those you teach. And I’m aware of how those groups overlap.

The very magnitude of the tragedy, which I have purposely not named, because I write to all such events, demands that we not lose our ability to rejoice. The demon, in some degree, lives in all of us. Will you be there to rejoice when all of us are dead?

And what of the devils who kill our children in other ways, of which society approves? Slow, torturous ways, that yields brainwashed, numb adults?

There is enough pain in this world, enough that is terrible, and wrong, and unjust, that ten lifetimes of anger will not see all the culprits to their graves. And so we have to find another way, each according to our own abilities and talents.

Lament, yes, but live to sing again.

I write this as an admirer, as someone I hope you think of as a friend, even if you feel me misguided. I also hope we live to prove the world needs us both.

With thanks always,


temporal rooms said...

there has been a lot of discussion
at work in the last couple of days.
people are mad, very upset. and they want revenge. they read the paper out loud almost yelling and in the next breath satisfied they move to the sports section.

i was not quiet at that point bringing up the subject of pain that everyone was going through and how compassion maybe an option. i asked, "what pain was that young man going through?" no one cared. iwent back to the grill.


William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Robert. There is a whole story there that no one will ever know. The innocent child who grows up to kill, or to send people off to war in legal pomp and vain and righteous glory — what happened to him along the way?

erin said...

william, i am so glad that someone speaks to our responsibility in this. we have created such a world. if we want to change the actions of a man, we need to change the actions of a society. to change the actions of a society, we must first change ourselves.

it is too easy to hate. if it is easy then we are moving away from the work; with hate we are distancing ourselves from both the problem and the solution.

i can not grieve enough for these families but i will grieve what i can.

i look long and hard at myself and begin.

i have a long way to go.


William Michaelian said...

Beautiful, Erin. Thank you.

Ed Baker said...

Sen Joe Lieberman , who is rearing because no-way can he get re-elected, was a little while ago on tv and said:

"we need a National Committee on Violence that is not connected with the president" to deal with this...

jeesh ! just what we another committee..

typical "do nothing" government attitude.

what will come out of such a committee ? read Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four

this is NOT an isolated occurrence it seems to be
part-and-parcle the way of the world ...

they interrupted a football game last night to "bring you breaking news" the president of the United States' speech
and a "speech" it was...
after the speech ? back to the football GAME and a boat-load of commercials

as for "changing society" ? I is it !

"society is an abstraction... and is too often confused with "culture"

and the predominant "culture" of the world is one of reactionary violence...

a solution ? I just don't know.

what seems to motivate a lot of people of politics is that crappy mantra: "don't get angry, get even"

besides that

if I hear Amazing Grace OR Somewhere over the Rainbow one more time I'll vomit !

William Michaelian said...

Ed, you’d best keep a “stomach distress bag” handy.

When we burn our fingers on the stove, we immediately learn our lesson.

When a poisonous spider or snake appears, we don’t stand and philosophize, we step clear of the danger.

But when we’re faced with our pathetic ugly image in the mirror, we wink and say, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Ed Baker said...

funny you shld mention "stomach distress bag"

just back from the grocery store with
a quart of prune juice AND a box of Loperamide Hydrochloride tablets

which should "cover the waterfront" at both ends.

my kids each touched the wood-burner (a Sierra) ONE TIME !

they were about three or four years old at the time. never-ever touched it again. they don't even spit on it when it's fired up.... never got angry at it or themselves.

thirty plus years later.... they both love the stove... like to cook
eggs on a frying pan on it...

now ? the wood-burning stove police would lock me up for not having a fence around it
"to protect the innocent"

oppppppssss gotta gooooooo

the prune juice is working !!!!!

Brad C. Thome said...

You always say it so well my friend...


William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Brad. And yet I can’t help wondering what it would be like not to have to say it. I don’t know; maybe there’s a clue there. Until we sort it out, thank goodness there are prunes.

Kiki said...

Your words ring true.....and make my light burn brighter.

William Michaelian said...

Bright but gentle, Kiki, as your kindness shows. Thank you.