Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Diary of John Evelyn

The Diary of John Evelyn

St. Dunstan Society



Ed Baker said...

I have a selection out of his diary in a 1957 book titled:

LONDON in Plague & Fire 1665 - 1666

neat to read not only about walking about London but that he and Pepy's were friends and that both of them were friends with the Duke of Albemarle

first came the rats .... then the fire

also neat that Pepy's saved the broadside (that Evelyn also most likely had/read:) called:
The Tun, In sad and ashy weeds.

is what you have that 1955 Clarendon Press edition or a 1901 edition ... nd the prints hand colored ?

William Michaelian said...

Here’s the skinny, Ed:

“Illustrated with photogravures on Japan vellum. Autographs. Seals. Hand painted reproductions of famous painters. Full page portraits. Printed for subscribers only.”

This edition was published in 1901 by the St. Dunstan Society, copyrighted by M. Walter Dunne.

Ed Baker said...

this what you have ?


Evelyn's other available book selling for $750 ....

William Michaelian said...

Yep, this is the one.