Monday, March 11, 2013

Distant Ship

I’ve mentioned before the historic Carnegie library in my hometown, and how my habit of collecting old books might have begun as an unconscious effort to recreate its cherished atmosphere here at home. That effort is hardly unconscious now. If only I had room for the hardwood study tables and chairs, where silence was observed and pages were turned in that distant ship anchored amongst sycamores in our old city park.

My love for these old volumes, of course, is more complex. Books are sacred to me, as much as objects as for the wisdom, folly, and joy they contain.

The stately hardcovers, gilded, deckled, and sound as bricks, declare and define their presence as effectively as any child — for they are children, of those who conceived them, and ultimately of us all.

New Arrivals

So have patience, if you will, with this old lover of books — this man who still does not have, or even know how to operate, a “mobile device.” I’m more at home in this ship with a book, adrift on imagined oceans.


vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Ship ahoy then, you landlubbering, loving navigator of finely crafted vessels!

Jan said...

William, How wonderful for you to be able to sail through the pages of time within the company of your own library of friends that are fortunate to share your home and your life. Where there is always room for at least a few more "friends" on a couch or a chair...


William Michaelian said...

Vassilis and Jan, I knew book-lovers like you were sure to join me aboard this slowly but surely sinking ship. How lovely that each and every bit of cargo can also serve as a lifesaver. Yo-ho-ho!

Ed Baker said...

in a similar Carnegie Library
up on 6 th and D, North East
behind one of the stacks every
day after school Anita and I would
in the back corner
among the adventure
books their certain
ancient perfume ....

our first of hundreds of "secret" kisses....

now ? who can handle
(or profit by)
curling up with a good
e-book/i-book-pad or
smell her scent ....

and freely imagine-ate ?

-if y'all get-my-drift.

William Michaelian said...

We most shorely do, and will count our Memoir section all the richer for your secret rendezvous.