Thursday, May 30, 2013

A dream of running

A dream of running
not in fear

road the color
of a horned toad

back lots and car heaps
of a childhood town

porches and doors
framed by roses

wooden steps
paint peeling

a boy with a smile
on his lips

legs sore
greets the morning


awyn said...

I like the idea of dreams reappearing, not a visual, playbackable dream reel, but whose replay comes back as a poem.
It jumpplaces the reader right inside the dream. I wondered, at the end, if the dreamer had been running away from, or "towards" -- which distinction almost makes it two entirely different poems for me.

Loved this one, William! Can I borrow it for Salamander Cove's next posting?

William Michaelian said...

Of course you may, Annie. Thank you.

A third poem: running neither away from or towards, but through.