Saturday, November 2, 2013

Canvas 316

Canvas 316

November 2, 2013

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Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

I don't know why, but this portait made me think of this poem:

The Sea

Hundreds and scores of nations drawn upon the world,
a world so huge we could never see it all;
so many shapes and sizes and each with flags unfurled,
exotic places, far away and strange,
mysterious lands across the sea with unfamiliar names.
And I suppose that my home, too, is far away
and strange to those so far from me.

And in all these many countries so many different people,
with different foods and tongues and ways of life;
so many faiths and cultures so unlike another.
A multitude of people awash upon the world,
countless…like stars are we.

So many and each so different from the other;
billions of hearts and minds and souls, and I wonder,
am I the only one who’s lost, confused…
unable to make any sense of it all…
or are all these different people just like me,
bewildered and bemused…
adrift upon this tiny stone that floats
through endless space
like a raft upon the sea?

Copyright 2005 – Evolving: Poems 1965-2005, Gary B. Fitzgerald
Copyright 2010 – Ponds and Lawns: New and Corrected poems, Gary B. Fitzgerald

William Michaelian said...

Gary, your lovely poem fits quite nicely, I think, in that the drawing is a record of the feeling I had of arriving and leaving at the same time.