Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Émile Souvestre

Fifty-seven pages to go. And such is the miracle of reading that a writer, long dead, enters one’s life and thoughts, and stirs them for the better with grace and humility; indeed, for what are mere centuries between friends?

An “Attic” Philosopher
A Journeyman’s Journal

The French Immortals


Ed Baker said...


thanks... I found this (I guess that it is and English translation of what you have as Volume !

I am not to keen (or comfortable) on reading "books" on a computer screen: however ...

I just got to the second entry ( what? Feb 20 ?) and am
Hooked, lines and sinkers...

hang in.

William Michaelian said...

You too, Ed. Thanks for the link.

Jan said...

I would love to read these books so that I could become lost in the scent of their pages from the past. I love the feeling of holding a book and as I read, each paragraph, it becomes a scene playing in my mind.

Thank you, William my dear "old book" loving friend, for posting about this author and his stories. I, too, would also like to thank Ed for the link. I do not enjoy reading from a computer screen for I love to hold the book in my hands, then the story becomes more intimate to me...helps me feel as though I have become a part of the story...an observer of what is happening.

I have read a small part and I am looking forward to reading more. But I must confess...I will always prefer the touch of a real book to a cold and sterile computer screen. It's just who I am~~~

William Michaelian said...

And I’m grateful for it, Jan. This particular set contains twenty volumes, and each book thus far has been excellent. And now, on to Vol. VII....

Ed Baker said...

got the Echo Library 2006 reprint yesterday
and am "hooked" just via his chapter 1.

seems like, from what I've found
was that he lived in Paris for one year... 1827

neat (what I cal) "journal form.... maybe even
a fictional autobiography OR an autobiographical fiction ?

reminds me of The Old Tea Seller

reminds me of me :
thanks for the nod his way....

(the Echo book cost me ONE PENNY ! plus $3.99 to ship ... JEESH.

Stream Source said...

"But nothing provides a stronger pull than the experience of browsing — getting lost in the stacks, making serendipitous finds, having chance conversations with interesting people. And with information so easy to find these days, used bookstores offer the thrill of the hunt."


William Michaelian said...

A timely addition to this edition ~