Monday, November 11, 2013


What I recall is an old friend
sobbing at the sound of “Machine Gun.”

What I know is that the gun,
the sob, and the song


Gary B. Fitzgerald said...


My Ears Have Ached

My ears have ached
with the thundering of bombs
& lifting, falling buildings,
the screeching of the rockets
at night
& the instant flash.

My brain has rocked
with the explosions of war
& the howling
of the torn and maimed,

but the loudest sound
to bear
is the silence closely following
the dawn.

- 1977

I Saw the Lonesome Soldier

I saw the lonesome soldier
coming home from war at last,
to his luscious-green and
sleepy-eyed hometown
(however humble) home
from war at last, to his boyhood dreams
and Mom & Pop. Home to
Alice down the street.

He was dressed in greenwood
with 10 Penny cufflinks
and when I saw him,
being lowered off the Santa Fe freight,
I thought he was a box of radio component parts.

- 1969

From Evolving: Poems 1965-2005, Gary B. Fitzgerald, Copyright 2005

William Michaelian said...

Gary, thank you.

Jan said...

Beautiful, but also sad words together...bitterwseet and sadly so true...when will it ever end?

Hugs Dear, write from the heart~

William Michaelian said...

And to you, Jan. Thank you. I don’t deny my blind spots, but writing from the heart is the only way I know.