Saturday, January 25, 2014

It won’t happen

It won’t happen : can’t : yet something else
will : just like the moment that brought you here :
in mind of that : I confess : I still do : wish .


-K- said...

I really like the colons. I know this isn't the most astute comment you've ever received but it really does shakes things up a bit.

Plus, " It won’t happen : can’t : yet something else
will :"

This strikes me as just downright spooky.

William Michaelian said...

Does it? I find that most interesting.

The colons are punctuation only to a degree; and yet I’d be hard-pressed to describe what they are, or what they represent to my feeble mind’s eye — to which I will hasten to add that they seemed absolutely necessary. Try as I might to ignore them, they insisted on their inclusion. Each forms a chasm; each yields to and demands what follows. This is all nonsense, of course. I talk too much. But if I have gone thus far, it is, more than anything, to show you the foolishness and uselessness of explanation. So thank you, and please do forget everything I’ve said.

Jan said...

At times, William, you are so perplexing that I need a map to find my way. But I love the challenge and I never leave here without thinking about or feeling something toward what you have written in a way that I never could, my dear friend.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Jan. I do believe we’d know each other anywhere, under any circumstances. For that I am grateful.

Jan said...

I couldn't agree more and I am also grateful~~~