Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A tiny essay

There is a profound difference between looking for what is right, or good, and looking for what is wrong, or bad. The evidence is in us and around us. In their satisfaction, both habits are strengthened. Where the mind has been, the mind returns. The corresponding results can be positive and liberating, or negative and devastating. Understood in terms of one’s health and day-to-day relationships, the roots of injustice, poverty, and war are easy to discern. Looking for what is right, or good, is not unsophisticated or naïve. Rather, it is a way of knowing what is wrong, or bad, without the tiring, consuming, repetitious need to prove it to oneself and to others. Looking for what is right, or good, is not, therefore, being right, or being good. Neither is looking for what is wrong, or bad, being wrong, or being bad. And yet, both are ways of being, and of living, whether we are conscious of them or not.

And what of degrees? All we really know, and must surely sense in our better moments and selves, is that in love there are no degrees; and that by degrees, we come to recognize and feel love’s presence in all things, including ourselves; and that the presence we perceive needs no better explanation than love itself.


manik sharma said...

I couldn't agree more..I don't believe there is anything such as right or wrong..It is probably perception,in some cases popular and in the others not so much,,that makes what it is..The law is the law because it is popular opinion..When popular opinion is challenged,it is criminal..But crime under the hat of popular opinion is often heroism too..weird weird world..Loved this

Jan said...

These are very wise words from a very wise man. A sage who's wisdom has no beginning and no end...he is my friend and his name is William~

William Michaelian said...

Manik, my thanks, as always; and to you, too, dear Jan.