Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Canvas 392

Canvas 392

June 10, 2014


Jan said...

How appropriate your drawing, William, for I am very sad today...it is as if you knew~

Hugs Dear Friend

William Michaelian said...

And to you, Jan....

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...



The treasures of a lifetime,
the keepsakes and momentos,
old paintings and letters and photos
no museum will ever see.
A collection of the days
of someone’s living, of our times
and family, tightly packed in cardboard boxes.
Duly sorted and apportioned, dispatched
and sold away, each possessed
of a laugh remembered, maybe tears,
a little flash of memory.

Heirlooms bestowed by older
lives from younger years,
things cherished and protected:
Great-grandmother’s rocking chair,
war medals and papers,
souvenirs, some so rare
they command great price, others
as simple as a flower pressed in a Bible.
But the most valuable, the one of a kind,
those we can never find again,
are the ones whose meaning disappears
with the life and the love, with the when.

Like a priceless diamond crushed to dust,
the scrolls of a prophet kindling fire,
countless unrecorded lives,
the lost fortune of consciousness.
The treasures no museum will ever see.

Copyright 2010 – Ponds and Lawns: New and Corrected Poems, Gary B. Fitzgerald

William Michaelian said...

Gary, thanks for adding this treasure here.