Sunday, June 22, 2014

Night music

How the crows,
soon after taking flight,
become a blue-black galaxy
swirling in the heavens;

how, through my outstretched hands,
I thrill at the night and its music;

how, so suddenly,
they land at my feet;

how, in a breath,
they take to the branches
of an old mossy tree;

how quiet they are,
among the sheltering leaves;

how joyful I feel,
on awakening;

how gladly I sing
of the deep.


Jan said...

Dearest friend, you have written this for me and the way I, too, feel about the night...I do hope that you do not mind my taking a piece of your beautiful thoughts for my own~


William Michaelian said...

How could I mind, Jan? We’re in this life together....