Monday, June 16, 2014

These senses

Oh, these senses,
which conspire in the night
to make me human,

if they only knew what I did,
when I dream my way
through them.



Like an inked scar on a clean white page, “Scars,” a poem of mine presented here earlier this year, is the offering currently featured on Poets International. My thanks to editor and publisher Joneve McCormick for sharing these lines, which, owing to her gracious welcome, form part of a twelve-poem collection of my recent work in the lovely home she’s giving poetry from around the world. Remember, a permanent link to Poets International can be found in the “Reading Room.” A link to the twelve poems together is included in the “Reference Section.”


Jan said...

Dreams are private as are some parts of our private lives...lovely words, William~

Congratulations, my dear and talented friend...though I am not surprised at this honor~

William Michaelian said...

Nor am I at your kind and thoughtful words, Jan. Thank you always.