Saturday, November 1, 2014

Neat and deep

How the earth, a living thing, herself the offspring
of an imagining so vast, grants her mortality in the wonder
of a falling leaf; and how we, in graveyards neat
and deep, sing her joy, and sing
her grief.


Jan said...

This is beautiful, William as is your wonderful mind.

William Michaelian said...

May it be half as wonderful, Jan, as yours is kind. Thank you.

Dino said...

very beautiful poem

.. Sometimes .. in that place clean and deep, looking up at the top, I see that leaf, plead ... that not her he allows to fall.

William Michaelian said...

Yes... there is that feeling, that you suggest so well. Thank you, Dino.

Lorraine Renaud said...

I am beyond comment this is so beautiful, i have no words, but I know her grief

William Michaelian said...

And here I will add, Lorraine, how much I am enjoying the beautiful thoughts and colors on your blog. Thank you for your kind words.