Saturday, January 3, 2015

A ghost in your sweet care

A ghost in your sweet care, the mist now mine to wear,
you summon me from here — confess, you do, my dear,
address your fate — declare my fear — the hour
late — caress, that I appear.


Lorraine Renaud said...

too late now William no matter how far you go, you've left such beauty behind i am forever grateful

William Michaelian said...

Such kindness — thank you, Lorraine.

Stream Source said...

Felt to place a '~' here, too. This one is a treasure. So many treasures these days, mon cher ami.

(Tango on, Gomez)

William Michaelian said...

Indeed you know that drives me wild.

And so let us, then, simply treasure each other, and treasure the days.

Stream Source said...

lol... indeed. That is all that is needed, that is all that is.