Thursday, January 29, 2015

Starry night

Infinity, to me, is the wink of an eye;
the eye, where we meet, in the sweet by and by;
here, to complete, with eve, drawing nigh;
this dream, deep and neat, without knowing why;
we live, but to think, what we see, is the sky.


Lorraine Renaud said...

So beautiful, and poetic . I read most of The Painting of You, with joy and sadness, that a son would be there for his mother, no one was there for my mom or dad except me and I had a baby a single mom with a stressful job , and I did what I could but it was never enough and none of my family ever stepped to do their share, so I am in total admiration of a man who would love his mom that much and really mean it. Thank you William....

William Michaelian said...

All we can do, at any given time, is our best.

Thank you for taking this book into your heart and home.