Monday, February 16, 2015

Quiet Time

All is well. I am reading, writing, and dreaming to my heart’s content. I have stepped away from blogging and Facebook activities for a time — a week, a month, a year, today, tomorrow, I really have no idea, and I most certainly intend no statement by it. I wouldn’t even call it a decision. I am simply following a natural impulse, like any restless bird on the verge of coming spring. During this quiet time, should you care to write, or need to get in touch for any reason, my email address is easily found. Otherwise, my website and all 2,554 entries of Recently Banned Literature are at your disposal. Who knows what you might find there? I am still pleasantly surprised and embarrassed myself from time to time. Until later, then, and ever with thanks,

William Michaelian


Stream Source said...

I called your name, yesterday - I think it was more of a 'holler'! I was looking for a kindly nod acknowledging something I put out to FB. Never underestimate the potency of a compassionately tendered, "like"!

Enjoy the Quiet. I continue to get sucked into the screen...for now. I try to not wish my time away and rarely do. But, lately, this winter has tested my resolve to be present and grateful. My daughter, near Boston, has a different sort of test .... just to keep her home and family safe and warm. Far more serious, than mere cabin fever.

A brief escape to Northern CA is in the works. But likely, not til April. Soon after that, I trust the ground will begin to soften - I can slide into flip-flops and begin to scratch in the dirt along-side the robins.

Thanks for the note ~

Lorraine Renaud said...

What a lovely time you'll have, I'm very happy for you, for me. Be happy be well have Praline ice Cream, best ice cream ever invented and just be. x

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Happy hiatus, William--I know you'll make the best of what all of us need so badly; enjoy the respite.

Two Tigers said...

Ah William, prepare to be flattered in the highest form - imitation. This week I followed a similar inclination - and with similar reservations that some might find way too much or the wrong sort of meaning in the gesture - deactivated my Facebook profile. I have found that keeping my thoughts to myself makes them no less real or valid, in fact it gives them time and energy to grow into something even better before being shared - or not. Not sure when or if I will return. Until then I am confident that the people who need or want to find me can and will - as has always been the case, before Facebook, before Blogger, before cellphones even! The heart finds a way - and if not, the mind knows how to perform a Google search. Wishing you well in your retreat my friend!

Jan/JFM said...

It is good, my dear friend, that you are taking time for yourself. You are missed by me and others...but, I so understand your need for this time alone with your thoughts. I will be here for your return and will smile and breath a sigh of relief when you have returned safe and sound to us who care about you~

Stream Source said...

Opening the blog again (in a small way) minor time on FB... off to the new studio space to play tomorrow, since the wicked winter weather appears to have finally let go the strangle hold it held - the trip over the mountain will be pleasant. Trust you are at one with this non-technical time. I haven't been able to entirely abstain. Much like fine wine and the occasional martini - when it calls me, I still answer and am ever so grateful ~ God willin' we'll all be here when you return, should you return. All the best ~

Jan/JFM said...

Just stopped by to say "hi" and that you are missed. Hope all is well, my dear friend~


Bitch said...

There is always in our life coming a quiet time … whatever
the reason may be.
Enjoy my dear friend William..
Just know that you will be missed..!