Saturday, May 16, 2015

Akitsu Quarterly

The spring issue is lovely, and the summer issue will be out soon.

Spring 2015

original haiku, haibun, and brushwork by

Jeannie Martin ~ William Michaelian ~ Ken Sawitri
Kyoko Shibata ~ Tim Gardiner ~ Billy Antonio
John McManus ~ Helen Buckingham ~ Bill Waters
Caroline Skanne ~ Alexis Rotella ~ Debbie Strange
Brad Bennett ~ Tom Clausen ~ Laura Williams
Diana Teneva ~ Pamela A. Babusci ~ David L. Young
Jimat Achmadi ~ Pat Geyer

(work also forthcoming in the Summer 2015 issue)

Robin White & Evelyn Lang, Editors
111 Nottingham Rd
Deerfield, NH 03037

USA Subscription $18 for 4 issues
International Subscription $26 for 4 issues
Individual issues available for $6

US Checks or Money Orders made payable to


Payment by Paypal also accepted


Jan said...

Very beautiful, William. I visited the website and it is stunning...

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Jan. The publication is very nicely put together and is a labor of love.

Jonathan Chant said...

Nicely done William. Looks lovely.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Jonathan. Here I am online, telling you that my love affair with paper continues.