Sunday, May 10, 2015

How it would be had you not been born

How it would be had you not been born,
when a leaf, a rose, and a garden coming on
make a fair field for a broken lance
and sky of sparrow shorn:

one less sun, imagine that, and bless one
torn of chance, confess what can’t be known
save by the strange and savage dance you love to live
and mourn, and give, and pass along:

had you nought not knot been sought in kind,
caught in tangled skein again,
what then?

(as if to grant what can’t begin can ever have an end)


Jonathan Chant said...

So good to see you back again - with a grand poem too.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Jonathan. I honestly don’t know whether I’m back or not. For that matter, was I really gone? I don’t know that either.

Jan said...

When you are missed, my dear William, as you have been, it means that you have been "gone" ;)

Lovely poem and it is a pleasure to see your thoughts once again~

William Michaelian said...

Wherever I am, wherever I’ve been, it’s well worth it to hear your voice again. Many thanks, Jan.

Paul L. Martin said...

So good to hear your poetic voice again my friend. The world is more right than yesterday with your voice in it. Thank you.

William Michaelian said...

Paul, I thank you. The feeling goes both ways, believe me.

timoebasilico said...

Hi :-)
I'm so glad to see you again William, but understand me not wrong, you was not away and your books and words was and are always by me in this time, and (smile) yesterday I was tinking that i must read again the picture of you, cause I need this. And now this post, for me this is a sign of fate, thanks
hope sou and your family are all well


William Michaelian said...

We are well, Laura. Thank you for your beautiful note. We each go on painting, I think, in one way or another.

Out of Sight L said...

I have so missed your lovely poems, eternal and wonderful, i love it so....

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Lorraine. And please remember, should I seem to disappear again, there is a great deal more in this blog to see and read — hundreds of drawings, hundreds of poems, and many other things in between.