Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tiny spiders hair and beard

Tiny spiders hair and beard, faucet to plant,
plant to board, summer’s whisper,
autumn’s word, by this path,
garden lured.


Jan said...

Always love your writings, William

Spiders leave their webs everywhere...and there is a type of, or types of tarantula, that due flick their hairs when they are upset~

William Michaelian said...

As Louis Armstrong once sang, what a wonderful world. This annual hatch of spiders always amazes me. We watch them grow throughout the summer, their numbers dwindling, until finally, in late fall, the few left hang big and ripe in their webs in all their beautiful glory, before they seek cover from the cold wet weather. We taught our kids, and now our encouraging our grand-kids, to appreciate and admire them. Thank you, Jan. It’s not much of a poem on the one hand; but since it basically wrote itself, I decided to let it stand. Maybe like the young spiders, it will grow up into a full-sized poem someday.