Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dark Horse

Yesterday afternoon was nice and wet and dark, and so I cleaned the old work desk. In the process, while listening to George Harrison’s Dark Horse album, sixty books were carefully dusted and moved, as well as my father’s old glass ashtray, his Hamilton wristwatch, my uncle’s pipe, and my stained glass dragonfly lamp. I had a wonderful time. This morning it’s still wet out, and even darker in. I took a picture, but the only thing that really showed in the dim natural light was the photograph of a very old Walt Whitman that graces my computer screen. You’ve seen the picture, I’m sure. And if you haven’t, it’s easy enough to find. I don’t mean online. I mean in your mind, in your mind, in your mind.


Jan said...

I love "nice and wet and dark" days, too, William.
You are the image of a younger Walt Whitman...
and you are both writers.
The hat in your blog background now, looks like those I've seen
Walt Whitman wearing.
My mind is filled with clutter...I cannot find, anything, anything, nothing~

William Michaelian said...

I love that hat, and hats in general. And I once wrote a little story, a remembrance, really, called “The Hat on Someone Else’s Head.” As I recall, it’s about, or at least it starts with, the old farm neighborhood where my father grew up. It, too (the story, I mean), is something I would have to sift through the mental clutter to find. Along the way, of course, I would probably find something else, like an old glass ashtray or briar pipe. Thank you, Jan.

Two Tigers said...

Nice and wet and dark here too, and the perfect day to go catching up on missed posts. Glad I found this one today. Of course I did.

William Michaelian said...

Of course. Hiya, kid. However it is, whatever it is, we carry on.