Friday, March 25, 2016

Shall I tell you of my former life?

Shall I tell you of my former life? It happens in the strangest way,
today, not yesterday, before tomorrow begins, and where my new life ends,
over, and yet over, again. Like smoke, it rides the wind, and as it leaves,
so it patiently remains. Newton laughed about it when it landed
on his head, just as Galileo wrote his daughter,
I think, I think, I think, I understand.


Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

You inspire me, Mr. Michaelian.


From emptiness we come
for we are not before we are,
or are we not before we are
and then to fullness so proceed?
Two young lover’s lives
and the blossom of their seed
are filled by we as children
as ours will fill with love and life
and, in learning, fuller do we grow.
And many things and many more
we learn that come to complete our course
which we, in turn, shall learn to love
and so help other children also know.

But if to emptiness we return,
it is not before we’re emptied,
as young lovers older grow and go,
as all the others do, and our lives
are slowly drained of all we love
who disappear and less and fewer
know until we, as well,
return to that before.
And though full and loving, not before
we’ve hurt someone and many more.

We pass through life like apples pass
through Abbott’s Flatland, ripe and round
but missing some detail,
never entirely fill the space within;
and even if we succeed, somehow prevail,
are always just a little thin.

Copyright 2010 - Ponds and Lawns: New and Corrected Poems, Gary B. Fitzgerald

William Michaelian said...

The feeling goes both ways, Mr. Fitzgerald. Thank you.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

Happy Easter, William, and may God bless you for all these years of pleasure, learning and fun. Thank you.


William Michaelian said...

Happy Easter, Gary, and thank you for the same.