Monday, January 30, 2017

Have we met?

Wherever you go, however seemingly common the situation or place, give your very best most careful attention to the people you meet. Listen before you speak. Or if you must speak first, listen to yourself, and be aware of the impression you make. Maybe they will be listening. Maybe they won’t. Maybe they can’t. Maybe they’re afraid to. Maybe they’re so wrapped up in their opinions and fears that your presence isn’t even real to them. But be sure that theirs and yours is real to you. Even the briefest most casual meeting is significant and rich in meaning. You’re in line. You’re in the store. In a waiting room. Someone is asking you if you know the way somewhere. You’re holding the door open for a stranger. A stranger? Of course you know there’s no such thing. Unless you’re a stranger to yourself. And so you hold the door open to him or her as well. And you say, You seem familiar. Have we met? — Oh, yes, your strange self replies, I think it was at birth. — And so it goes. And you say, I love you. I love you. I love you all.

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