Friday, June 9, 2017

The verbena will

The verbena will. It’s to the edge already now.
And that’s what I know about waterfalls.


erin said...

! this is incredibly exciting! (in language/construct and in deed.)

William Michaelian said...

How lovely — someone to join me on the way down.

erin said...

every time i read this poem of yours, i smile. it is quite a declaration.

i've just recently come across this by Charles Wright,


When is it we come to the realization
that all things are wandering away?
Is it age, is it lack of adoration, is it
Regret there’s no ladder to the clouds?
Whatever, we inhabit the quotidian, as we must,
While somewhere behind our backs,
waterfalls tumble and keep on going
Into the deep desire of distance.

William Michaelian said...

That is a wonderful bit of thinking and feeling aloud; of tasting, perhaps, and of trying on. I can only wonder at the before and after of the poem.

(early-morning impressions)