Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The little boy arrives and appears at the oddest most opportune times. He says hi. Everything is good. It’s quite possible that an hour or two earlier, on the distant planet that is his house up the street, he has been scolded or beaten or perhaps given frozen waffles and scrambled eggs with nothing in them but tasteless cheese. Hi. I am here. Hi. I have nothing but time. Hi. Aren’t you glad? I am. Hi. The subject is unimportant. The subject is everything and nothing. There is no subject. Did you know tomorrow is my dad’s birthday? No, I didn’t know that. Because I didn’t tell you? You did tell me. Oh. Did you know? I know now. Because I told you? Yes. How else would I know? Imagine you’re an angel and you’ve just awakened after a sleep of a thousand years and you wonder what to do with your tongue. And then suddenly you hear yourself singing, and it’s so beautiful you break down into tears. Hi. Is that not also the meaning of love?

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