Wednesday, September 6, 2017

With each passing day

Fires, hurricanes, politics — it can hardly be denied that we are exposed to a daily diet of terrible, traumatic, and shameful news. But through it all, I have noticed something very interesting. With each passing day, I find I am making a greater, more conscious effort to treat everyone I meet with kindness and love — and not just people, but plants and animals. Now, I don’t want to belabor this and go off on a philosophical tear. I only want to note that if this is so with me, then it must also be so with others, and by the millions. We are of this life. How else could it be? I suppose this is why I am hopeful in the face of it all, rather than angry, discouraged, or depressed. As miserable as things can be, for those of us lucky enough to survive, hard times are a gift. Hate is an immature, embarrassing option, not worthy of our better nature. Hateful actions by others are a reminder to get at the root of the darkness in our own lives, whatever that darkness may be. Feelings of anger, self-righteousness, and superiority prove only that there is more work to do. Love, and that work becomes joy.


Gary B. Fitzgerald said...


How reconcile this paradox,
this Creator who loves creation,
with the brutality and blood
that makes it turn,
the endless flow of life
forms granted their existence
by the eating of each other,
the bewildered, starving young
still awaiting their dead mother?

How resolve this lack of compassion,
this cruelly designed summation,
by the One who loves us all,
those lost to fire and fang and flood
or blown from nests in storms?

We will reason, for we are human
and create our fine religion,
which our reason then deforms.

William Michaelian said...

I love meeting this way. Thank you, Gary.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

If you'd stop inspiring me you wouldn't have this problem . ☺

P.S. re: new photo. Your resemblance to D.H.Lawrence is remarkable.

William Michaelian said...

New photo? D.H. Lawrence?

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

? Kidding?

W.M. RBL. Same description: novelist, Armenian-american, etc.

new photo.

William Michaelian said...

Okay, I confess. We’re twins!