Saturday, November 11, 2017

Canvas 1,090

Canvas 1,090

November 11, 2017


Jan said...

You know me William. i love to go with my first impression when I look at your drawings. This one said "faces in the woods"...just how my mind works :)

I know from your past posts that there are veterans in your family. My husband and I send our thank you's for their service to our country...thank you~

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Jan. My father’s eldest brother survived the Battle of the Bulge. After he returned home, he didn’t speak for six months. He was a concert violinist. Music saved him. Another brother didn’t make it home. He was shot down over Italy and is buried there. My father was a radio operator in the Azores. And so it goes.

I love your “faces in the woods.” So many of these faces over the years seem to have their origin there.

Love to you and yours. Thanks again.

Stream Source said...

Tree of life.

I'm with Jan on all points about your drawings and her subsequent sharing about veterans.

I added a bit on FB today about veterans. I intended to offer the utmost respect to a friend and others, but fear my words may have failed me, again.

I wonder if honesty is always the best policy. I suspect silence supersedes it in spades. If you were there, you may have been able to 'coach me' through it, as you so deftly do and nobody knows. I've come to count on that. Guess I need to remove the training wheels and ride.

William Michaelian said...

Well, that is the best approach in any case.

This kind notes tells me you should have more faith in your words than you do.

I tried Facebook again a couple of days ago, but the platform just keeps grinding away. All else works perfectly. But I must say, even after taking advantage of the various methods of managing the content, even with my small friends list, I am overwhelmed with videos, ads, and downright nonsense. That, I don’t miss. But I do miss what you and other of my closest friends are posting.

It’s quite possible that I am being selfish. But my days are so full in so many ways, that chasing down every technical possibility is something I just don’t care to do. I know you understand. And I trust, if my absence has even been noticed, that others will forgive me.

We’re out the door now, off on a few errands. Thanks always and every step along the way ~

Stream Source said...

I hear you ~ thanks for being here.

Facebook can be a zoo. Like you, I'll take my 'out' when it comes. xx