Monday, December 4, 2017

An old friendly retriever

The neighbors next door have an old friendly blond retriever. Yesterday, while the father was out hanging lights, and one of his little sons was watching from the ground, the dog noticed us as we passed and gave us a big smile from their driveway. And of course we smiled in return. Joy.

Fairly early the other morning, I stopped at the grocery store for some bananas. On my way out, I met a woman who was very tired, disappointed, and poor. As we approached each other, I smiled. And though at that moment a smile seemed the farthest thing from her mind, one appeared on her face, the deep lines of which were immediately rearranged. Joy.

And I think I will be an old friendly retriever today.


*** said...

Just a short bit ago while on our way home from our morning walk. (Wicked cold out there, I might add. But beautiful. Foggy and frosty with shiny ruby-red ice coated leaves, here and there, all over the ground). A little girl we'd never seen before shouted, "Hello!" to us from across the street. We were able to catch a glimpse of her by looking between the parked cars. Her mother was sweeping the porch and never looked up. The child's assertive, but genuinely warm greeting took us completely by surprise. We returned a hearty, "Hello!" She stood motionless, staring at us, not really smiling. Just there. Her enthusiastic "hello" was smile enough.

You know how when you look at some people and it's as though you're seeing God looking back at you and straight through you? Well, of course you are, but it's easier to see in some than in others - with dogs and children, it's always easy.


William Michaelian said...

Yes indeed, angels are everywhere — which of course means we are angels ourselves.


*** said...

Since we're in mixed company, here. I could have typed the word "God" in lower case letters. The big "G" tends to stir a religion pot - not my intention.

William Michaelian said...

Well, using the word as a name, like Danny or Donna or Bill, it is only proper to capitalize. But I know what you mean. And we can be free in our usage of everything, as long as we take what we need, and leave the rest of the best for those who will be following. We are always in mixed company: salt; spice; sweet; leavening. And it is good.

Unknown said...

I've felt this powerful force in my life forever. I think spelling god with a capital G is appropriate for me. Whatever spirit, force, inertia for good, I know it is called many names. We choose in our hearts how to address this. I thank you both for believing in something! greater than US, and for your wonderful posts. I hear you here and I hear you there :)

William Michaelian said...

And we hear you, and are glad.

Sometimes I want to capitalize everything. And sometimes I prefer words (all of which are names as well) in their diminished form. Imagine how often, for instance, we write the word love. Could there ever be an L big enough? Or the C in child, or the D in dog? And the letter I: might it not also be Eye, or Aye?

God knows. And those two words are an open door, or window, or mind for some, and closed for others. Or maybe they are a smile, akin to a rainbow. Or a cause for argument. I am willing to let it all be.

Just as I’m willing to say that I woke up this morning and got out of bed. But, for the life of me, I can’t say that it is so with any certainty. And I am grateful for that.

Thank you, Jill — with a capital J!