Thursday, December 14, 2017


above houses

left dark and unadorned

the stars the stars the stars the stars

and then I saw someone

quite up in years

at her open door

with the dim light behind her


and her house was a hill

and the frost on the ground

was glistening


*** said...

... another beauty. Thank you

I hope the workmen are finished with Santa's new landing strip by now and that all went well.

You are, perhaps, being exposed to more distractions than the likes of us enjoy?

William Michaelian said...

The roofing job was finished today at noon. They did a beautiful job. Tomorrow morning new gutters will be installed.

It was a loud, interesting experience. We didn’t fight it. I spent most of the time cleaning shelves and arranging books. The days were framed by walks early in the morning and late in the evening.

And oh, is it quiet now ~

*** said...

So, back to the heart of the matter.

This is coming from the meteor shower, last night?

We didn't get a glimpse of it, but we did get a coating of glistening snow.

I am up in years and was looking out that door.

Nice to know you were there, too.

William Michaelian said...

I was, and it worked out perfectly.

This is all of the imagination — that’s how real it was, and remains, at least for me.

And yet it must have sprung from last night’s walk too, and the dream space between then and morning.

I suppose this reply seems rather vague.

Good to hear about your snow ~