Tuesday, December 5, 2017


One thing I’ve noticed while walking, is that if I walk with very good posture, and with my feet not touching the ground, no effort is needed to be a light in the night and the cold.


*** said...

Head in the clouds and why not - how not?

Up long before the squirrels today,
after what may have been
for the most part
at least,
an uninterrupted sleep.
If this really happened, I'm not really sure,
it was a rare occurrence, indeed!

With the temperature surprisingly (delightfully) warm,
I was able to wait for the sun while sitting on the upstairs back porch.

The broken promise of cold, again, for now.

The chimes chimed-in from outside the back door.
This sound the only clue that the wind was picking up.
I looked to see, but the bare trees had nothing to catch,
the bark had nothing to say.

Now the rain.
Another surprise.

We really need a good rain.
Just ask the river.

William Michaelian said...

“Just ask the river”
D.B., December 5, 2017, Recently Banned Literature

*** said...

Now, with that out of the way.

The nonchalant,"feet not touching the ground"'s place in this post and the casual insertion, 'a little boy, string in hand, looking up, smiling, giving the moon a tug,' from your recent,"Sailing" - both delightful surprises. If you'd posted these on Facebook a burst of little pink hearts would have appeared when mousing over the post. So, I'm glad you didn't. Well enough that I saw stars as I read the words ~

William Michaelian said...

Ah, thanks for your return.

Being faithful and true to the moment, to what actually happened, even as it goes on happening, is one of the most appealing things about this process of playing with words. And being able to offer one’s best attempt in a quiet place and suitable format is a key part of that process. That is one of the problems I have had with Facebook, right from the beginning — the distraction, the noise, the sans serif type. True, the notes feature offers a bit of control, but not enough; and notes, at least in my experience, are far less read — I suspect because that often in the scroller’s mind there is the assumption that notes are too long. Having to click on a link that takes one away from Facebook makes reading even less likely. What all of this means, what it represents, what it says about us, we could discuss at greater length, but that doesn’t seem necessary.

“Steps” can be read and understood at many levels — well, at least two. Maybe more. I smile that you see this, but of course I’m not surprised.

*** said...

... that bird feeder is almost empty at the moment. So it goes and comes and goes.

I purchased scads of skeins of amazing yarn (yummy yarn, I call it). With the garden nearly sound asleep, winter brings me knitting ... and notes.