Friday, January 5, 2018

Each light you see

Each light you see means something to someone.
Candle, street, lamp, flame, star, moon, sun.
Some are worlds away. Others wink in your palm.
This one tastes like a plum. It could be your childhood home.
Or another song you know. And into the stove it goes.
This wide-eyed winter poem.


Marion said...

I cut an article out of a newspaper long ago that said a scientist had proven that God is light. I laughed. Of course, (S)He is Light! Otherwise, how to dispel the darkness? Beautiful poem, William. xo

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Marion, thank you indeed. That is the He and the She and the We of it. Here’s a tiny little poem on the subject that I wrote long ago — it seems light years away now: