Wednesday, March 28, 2018

6/8 time

A downy woodpecker, a pair of flickers, sundry nuthatches, scrub jays, robins, bushtits, a varied thrush, an Audubon warbler, starlings, crows, and others in between — these were our visitors yesterday, and not one of them rang our doorbell or asked us to sign anything. They were the bells. They were the signs. They were the weather, the atmosphere, the movement, the pace, and the mood. And for some strange reason, I just remembered the metronome atop my dear piano teacher’s grand piano, near the west-facing window in her spacious, old-fashioned, ground-floor living room. A bit of vineyard, and Road 96 beyond. Sparrows and blackbirds. Mockingbirds. Buzzards and pheasants. Jackrabbits three feet tall. A 1956 gas-powered Ford tractor waiting in a patch of dry weeds. A country salon. Barcarolle. The hush and satisfaction of a little boy she in her Texas accent called Mr. Bill.


*** said...

A symphony in 3/4 time... when reduced to simplest terms ~

That same Wednesday (was it only yesterday?) I was convinced the sun would not rise that morning without the cardinal's call ...from the darkness the shelter of the scraggly cedar tree outside my bedroom window. By all appearances, at least, it seems I was correct.

William Michaelian said...

Every bit as correct as it was here, by the smoke rising ever so gracefully from a neighbor’s chimney. Or was it a waltz?

Thank you ~