Monday, April 16, 2018

This first half of April

This first half of April, rain is the name of the game. And wind. Lots of wind. The wind arrives by the truckload, and misty forklifts unload it pallet by pallet in the street, where it escapes its fine-flimsy packaging and shreds whatever it finds immediately at hand. From there it flies up into the trees, the redwoods, the cedars, and firs, and sends the crows off at odd angles. Then it pauses briefly to catch its breath and to listen to the rain. An inch here, two inches there, cloudbursts and cloudships, bluebell-soaking frond-furling fernlips charged with sweet care.

And how was your stormy night? How is your calm? How is your truth and your meaning, when need there is none? How is your light? How is your dark? How is your new life, now that your old one has flown?


*** said...

Icy cold at the moment, thank you. But the coffee is rich and warm.

Full to the brim with empty, I am. Apparently, the April winds blew away what was left of the old and filled the space with an angry rain. It's a welcome rain.

If I could kiss the sweet birds that have been singing to me, I would. Their calling back and forth to each other is my truth, my light, my calm.

I'm set to learn to dress and operate a loom, later this month. So, the spinning and weaving will continue, but it's the wool that will be doing the talking.

"... bluebell-soaking frond-furling fernlips charged with sweet care." Oh, how I love to see the bluebells swimming with the ferns ~

William Michaelian said...

Your reply is sheer grace and inspiration. Thank you.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

That was very nice, stream source. A poem indeed.

*** said...


When one's heart is pierced by the divine arrow of truth, what could pour from the opening but Love?

William's words may indeed have 'eyes'. William apparently sees through only One.

Thank you ~

William Michaelian said...

Out for an early morning walk between rains, my one thought upon stepping back in was to respond to Gary’s comment by saying how much I treasure the communications from both of you. All the more so now. Thank you both.