Saturday, May 5, 2018

In the course of a day

It’s no secret that strong abdominal muscles help support the lower back and lessen the likelihood of pain and injury to both; and that eating a healthy diet, practicing good posture, and being active are of key importance in keeping the body and mind fit. I say mind, because when one keeps to such a course, the thoughts and outlook are sure to follow and will naturally take on a positive charge, which in turn benefits the body and all of its workings. And so, yes, we are what we eat; and, in terms of our daily habits, we are what we think and what we do.

And surely you’ve noticed: first gradually, then quickly, the easy course becomes the difficult one; until, if we wait long enough, it’s impossible to change direction.

A lazy body and a lazy mind are but a step away from being a sick body and a sick mind. Which will support the other? Which will take charge? The fact is, there is no which; there is no other. There is only the mess we have made.

And so while we can, and to whatever degree we are still fortunate and able, each day must be recognized and understood as an opportunity to do what’s best for ourselves, best for our friends, best for our loved ones, and best for everyone we meet.

Because we do not suffer alone. We do not rejoice alone.

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