Saturday, May 19, 2018

Light on the road to Devon

There is light on the road to Devon.

This, love, is our work.

North is west. East is south.

A blossom falls to earth.

There is light on the road to Devon.

And light is the word for birth.

Light, on the road to Devon.

Sweet shadows. Dark.

Note: By way of an explanation, this poem, like any and every other thing, is an answer of a sort. Devon could be Heaven. North could be south. East, west. Dark, mirth. But love is always love. Of this you can be sure.


JFM/Jan said...

The wanderer without direction.
The soul waiting for resurrection.
The light...a guiding spirit.
Love binds them all together~

JFM/Jan said...

I forgot to add that these are just my thoughts on your beautiful post William ~

William Michaelian said...

What a lovely response. Thank you, Jan.

*** said...

Thank you William.

Thank you Jan, "...Love binds them all together."

William's 'blossom' is calling my name. I'm thinking of the petals from the neighbor's dogwood that drifted onto our tiny garden pond. Floating, dewy pink lily pads. Gone from the tree but still beautiful, in a new way. For a short time. Just noticing their passage is Devon.

Time, the shortest four letter word I know.

William Michaelian said...

We have similar dogwood adventures. Their petals settle on our tomato plants. Then one by one they melt. Thank you, Donna.