Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Peppers and letters

At the hardware store, one of the local chapters of the FFA is selling vegetable plants to raise money. This morning we bought two beautiful jalapeño plants in four-inch pots. Our garden is already planted. There was really no room for more plants, so I planted them in a small space where there is almost room. It’s the same thing I do with books, and why I had no problem at all finding a place to put these new arrivals:


Stream Source said...

Quite the illustration! Your delight transferred clearly by way of the mysterious waves of 0's and 1's and words, too, of course.

Our gardens all planted as of a week ago. A little early but the tomato seedlings we'd nurtured from seed were ready to fly. Yes, I did say 'fly' - I don't know why.

Now tell me, since I know you know iris and I know you know rain. Will iris bloom without the sun? Is it 'iris' or 'irises'? ... the white ones I'd mentioned that I'd rescued from the Amish construction site last year took to the process and are strong and budded up. Now, looking back to that day I only regret that I was shy about asking and so I didn't ask for the large lilac bush that ended up being destroyed.

It's been especially wet here, by NE standards - a little moist by NW trends. Or so that's what I imagine from all of your accounts of the rains in your neck of the woods and from what wee bit I recall from having lived there, long ago.

Gardens and libraries well-loved are forever. At least they are 'forever' in our hearts and you may agree that the heart is the only forever-place, there is.

William Michaelian said...

Isn’t that image of Mr. Ruskin something? What a treasure.

The rains are fairly well played out here. Plenty of clouds, yes, but rain from here on in will be limited to brief violent downpours. Yesterday’s record high was ninety-nine, in 2008. The record low was thirty-two. Our temperature was sixty-eight.

A shame about that lilac, as in my limited experience they transplant well. Delicate flowers, tough, tough plants.

I say “irises.” The iris is, the irises are. I am a pupil of irises. I say that without batting an eye.

Clouds or nay, they bloom away, though you may have to wait an extra day.

Stream Source said...

I couldn't tell if the image is an illustration or a photo. I suppose if I had a better handle on the history/date of the book and person, this would tell all. I didn't take the time to investigate! At a glance it looks like a combination of the two.

The lilacs are all but gone now. I have to wait an entire year to experience another one! I trust in their return as I trust the rising of the sun and my witness. Thank you seasons for teaching us impermanence and patience.

William Michaelian said...

Ruskin died in 1900. The books were published in 1905. We have a large photograph of my grandfather taken in 1908. It looks like a pencil drawing, even more illustrated in appearance than this of Ruskin. Such fine art.

Go on trusting ~