Saturday, June 9, 2018

Why not a waterfall

My main website, though still standing, is suffering the ravages of time. The platform it’s built upon is vulnerable and outdated. And anyway, it isn’t a main website anymore. This is, and really has been for years. The other is a dusty brochure. And I no longer seem able to muster the requisite interest to design another. To do that, there would need to be a purpose. Otherwise, the result is what it is already: sheer vanity.

Look at me, Ma, I’m a writer. Ma? Did you hear me? I said — Yes, I heard you, Son. Just let me take these cookies out of the oven and then we’ll talk about it.

Good old Ma.

Oh, these are good. Chocolate chip. Oatmeal. Spirit food.

Why not a waterfall where a website once stood? Why not peace and quiet? Why not an enchanted wood? Why not a child, smiling at man?


*** said...

Nice to see Stephen Monroe and William together on the same page.

The faded and worn ego is now a dusty brochure. You, as a published, accomplished writer, may have a harder time with that one. 'Lack of achievement'serves me well in this regard, after many years of nagging me to be something other than who I was, since I did not yet know who I was, I thought there must be some other that I should be. So, if I'd made 'a name' for myself in the eyes of the world, in some way, well then... I may be conflicted about knowing that none of what name I'd made mattered and that perhaps it didn't really happen at all.

(I trust you won't spend too much time with that thought.)

As for egos and blogs and virtual presence, my name herein as Stream Source shall remain. Not because it holds any meaning, anymore. But precisely because it does not.

I could sure go for an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

William Michaelian said...

We have some in the jar right now, in fact.

I love your Stream Source reasoning.

The weekend visitors I mentioned the other day are here. Ta, ta for now, and thank you ~